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Ironer Belts

We supply, custom fit and install quality replacement belting for ironers, feeders, folders and spreaders.

Each belt is custom made to fit your machine.

Antistatic Belting MDA

Antistatic belts are designed to reduce static build up on running belts and are woven with silver plated yarn to disperse charge.

Types: We supply a range of antistatic belts to suit your work environment:

  • MDA
  • HT MDA: The highest quality antistatic belting currently in on the market, with reinforced polyester edges for greater durability

Widths: 50mm, 65mm & 75mm widths depending on your machine

Aramid Felt Belting

Aramid belting is known for its superior heat resistance and durability, and is designed for high-temperature environments.

Types: We supply

  • Aramid belting (return belts)
  • Sub-Chicago belting

Widths: 150mm to 213mm

Cotton Belting

We supply traditional and budget friendly cotton belting. Our range includes Fanafel cotton readymade belting rolls in two-ply or single ply.

Types: We supply

  • Extra strong cotton belts with polyester edge reinforcing
  • Antistatic cotton belts
  • Elasticated belts
  • Cotton rubber belts

Elastic Belting

Looking for belting with a bit of stretch and elasticity? Elastic belting is designed for feeders, spreaders, ironers or drop conveyors.

Types: We supply

  • Premium grade cotton elastic belting

Siliconized & Rubber Belting

Siliconized and rubber belting is designed for when pushing or pulling is required for feeders, folders and conveyors.

Types: We supply

  • Green Rufftop PVC Belting
  • Black Grooved PVC Belting
  • Black Diamond Top PVC Belting
  • White Pebbletop Rubber 2 Ply Belting
  • Smooth Green PVC Belting
  • Smooth White Rubber 2 Ply Belting

Vacuum Belting

Need extra vacuum hold on your feeders or folders?

Types: We supply

  • Polyester perforated vacuum belting (various widths available)

Belt & Machinery Consumables

We supply and fit a wide range of consumables including

  • Vice clipper tools
  • Clipper joints and lacing
  • Chicago clipper joints
  • Crowning tape
  • Wire links


Our belts are suitable for all makes and models of industrial and commercial laundry equipment including:

Girbau Lavatec

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