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Ironer Consumables

Need ironer supplies and consumables to keep your machines running smoothly? We stock a wide range of products for both steam and high-temperature applications. Quality brands at realistic prices!

Ironer Wax

Keep things moving along smoothly with our premium ironer waxes.

We stock:

  • Armour Glide Wax (powdered wax)
  • Armour Flake Wax
  • High Temperature Euro Wax
  • Armour Gel Wax

Our ironer wax comes in WHS friendly 10kg buckets or 25kg containers


Need to get things clean? We supply and recommend Dissolvit cleaner paste. It is a non-toxic, non-corrosive industrial grade detergent/degreaser that delivers fast cleaning results.

Machine Scourer & Cleaning Cloths

Grit, lint and general gunk builds up in the best ironing machines. While cleaners work for most things, there are times you need to call in the big guns. We stock a range of cleaning and scouring cloths to clear out the gunk from your ironing beds.

  • Durascour
  • Steely Clean Cloth
  • Screen back scourer

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