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Ironer Guide Tapes

We supply a range of premium knitted and woven ironer guide tapes suitable for regular and higher temperature machines. Our ironer tapes are specially selected to minimise tape marks on your linen while maximising durability and speed through your machines.

Our premium ironer guide tapes come in a range of widths and sizes suitable from the smallest single roll ironer through the mega industrial sized machines. There are options available to suit every temperature of machine including steam, gas and oil heated machines.

Ironer Tape Types

Types: We supply

  • Polyester Tapes – Suitable for steam machines up to 185°C
  • Polyester/Meta-Aramid Tapes – Suitable for steam machines up to 210°C
  • Meta-Aramid Tapes – Suitable for steam, gas and oil machines up to 230°C


Our ironer tapes are suitable for all makes and models of industrial and commercial laundry equipment including:

Girbau Lavatec

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