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Respringing Service

Every 20 000 hours of use you need to replace your springs to ensure full contact is maintained between your ironer roll and chest.

We know that springs can be out of sight out of mind. That’s why we help you stay on top of your maintenance schedule by completing a free spring assessment whenever we replace your ironer padding.

We offer a full ironer respringing service to support all makes and models of ironer equipment. Our service caters for customised widths and different sized rolls across different machines.

Because we understand that machine downtime in a commercial laundry is never desirable, we fit and install around your production schedule, keeping machine downtime and impact on your production to an absolute minimum.

Ironer Spring Types

We supply, fit and install all types of ironer springs.

Coiled Springs – Springpress

The best in the business. Springpress is used by over 85% of all the world’s ironer manufacturers. The innovative design keeps the ironer padding in full contact with the chest until it is worn out, delivering more efficient heat transfer. Reduces wet spots and crow’s feet. Delivers extended padding life as you don’t have to constantly add padding to maintain roll diameter.

Laminated Springs – Elasto Press

Laminated Springs have a closed surface structure so deliver consistent heat transfer and even moisture removal. Hooks on the surface of each spring keep ironer padding in place without the need for additional fixings. Optional spring height ranging from 7mm to 13mm.


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