With this range of products for the laundry industry, Valmet offers:

  • Single-turn felts, either to be sewed or with a bevelled edge, in weights from 2 Kg up to 4,2 Kg per square meter and composition of 100% Polyester, Polyester/Meta Aramid or 100% Meta Aramid.
  • Two-turns felt, in weights from 400 to 1300 grams per square meter and composition of Polyester, Polyester/Meta Aramid, 100% Meta Aramid, 100% PPS or various types of blends.
  • Full line of complementary products.

Some of the best-selling Valmet Laundry Products are the synthetic, treated feeder belts and the ironing belts for the heated roll ironer.

Example: Polyester felts are made of heavy duty multifilament and special coarser fibre for double air permeability and for high suction on the ironer and consequently high ironer output.


To produce their felts, Valmet uses the most updated and widest needling machines.
What is the needling process?
In a simplistic description we could say that:

  • By means of special machines, fibres of different types, lengths and fineness are prepared before they are uniformly fed into the needling machine (fig.1).


Valmet exports laundry products to more than 75 countries and sells exclusively to wholesaler service companies and laundry machine manufacturers.


Customer intimacy is their driving force. Their quality and long experience, their knowledge of the market and extensive range of needled felts allows Valmet to provide the best and “tailor made” solutions to all cases. This has made Valmet the world leading supplier of technical textiles to the laundry industry.

Depending on working width and needle density, there can be several thousand needles in one machine, working on fibres from one or both sides. The more frequent the needles penetrate the material, the denser it becomes. The material can even be passed through the machine several times, in order to increase the density. Another possibility is to needle the material on various machines arranged in rows (fig.2).


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