We are pleased to announce Australian-based Cobro and Germany’s MAXI-PRESS have joined in partnership to stock items right here in Australia from early 2020.

Since 2006 MAXI-PRESS Elastomertechnik GmbH has manufactured and sold membranes for water extraction presses of all common manufacturers such as Jensen, Kannegiesser, Passat, Lavatec, Transferon etc. Other spare and special parts such as drainage plates and basket guides, parts for batch washers such as seals, wheels and drive elements, as well as elements for dryers such as friction wheels and heat exchangers as well as various parts for feeders and ironers such as cylinder coverings, ironer textiles, ironer tape, ironer wax etc. are also available.

Drainage membranes for water extraction presses are the core product of MAXI-PRESS. The drainage membranes provide the highest degree of moisture removal with low wear during laundry operation effectively helping to save resources and costs. Because the drier the laundry, the less energy has to be invested in the drying process. MAXI-PRESS develops, manufactures and sells the vendor-neutral drainage membranes in specially developed rubber compounds for different applications.

Download your copy of the MAXI-PRESS catalogue below:
MAXI-PRESS Laundry Spare Parts Catalogue 20/21