Water Extraction Membranes

MAXI-PRESS is the world’s leading specialist manufacturer of drainage membranes for presses of various manufacturers. Their high-tech products provide the highest degree of moisture removal with low wear during laundry operation effectively helping to save resources and costs.

MAXI-PRESS develops, manufactures and sells the vendorneutral drainage membranes in the models STANDARD, EASYFIX and POWER made of specially developed natural rubber (NR) and synthetic rubber (NBR). New is our NANOTEC rubber compound with maximized gliding properties, which has already solved many customer problems. Our rubber compounds have been developed for various applications and are available in white, grey and black.

MAXI-PRESS membranes have the radial TOUCH press surface, which has been tested for years. Through a specially developed system, MAXI-PRESS were able to greatly reduce the adhesive surface of the membrane. The TOUCH pressing surface ensures an optimal water outlet during the pressing process and at the same time prevents the laundry from sticking to the membrane.

Benefit from our various membrane specifications and order your membrane exactly the way you need it. MAXI-PRESS produce all membranes in Germany and sell them at very competitive prices with fast delivery times and worldwide shipping.