NANOTEC Membranes

NEW! Nanotec rubber mixture

To reduce the sticking of the press cake to the membrane and to avoid problems during the pressing process, we have further developed our tried and tested rubber mixtures in order to maximize the
gliding ability on the surface.
By adding certain substances to the rubber mixtures the material becomes smoother, friction resistances are thus minimized and many of the problems that our customers have already mentioned to us, have been
solved with our NANOTEC rubber mixture.

Recommended to be used on:

  • Sticking of the laundry cake to the membrane
  • Stoppage of the membrane during the pressing process, caused by friction on the press basket, e.g. with non-round press baskets or similar.

Available in:

  • Nanotec White
  • Nanotec Grey
  • Nanotec Black

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